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Thomas W. Petrisko

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  • The Mystery of the Divine Paternal Heart
    $20.00 The Mystery of the Divine Paternal Heart
    “As I have seen, the whole life and ministry of Dr. Petrisko is directed to God the Father.  And now, he is calling the Catholic Church to have a special devotion to the Father and to set up a special Feast to...

  • Living in the Heart of the Father
    $12.00 Living in the Heart of the Father
    “We raise our voices and pray that the Love which is in the Father,” Pope John Paul II writes in Dives in Misericordia, “may once again be revealed at this stage of history…that it may be shown to be...

  • $20.00 Bundle #2 (Thomas Petrisko)

  • Fatima's Third Secret Explained
    $14.95 Fatima's Third Secret Explained
    Officially made public to the world on June 26,  2000, the so-called ‘Third Secret’ of Fatima is not easily understood. This book seeks to explain in reader-friendly terms the Third Secret of Fatima in the...

  • For the Soul of the Family
    $14.95 For the Soul of the Family
    Drugs, power, greed, and the temptations of the flesh were together destroying the Ruiz family. It all began in the 1960’s and by 1988, it looked like nothing could save this once close and loving family. Nothing, but...

  • Mother of the Secret
    $14.95 Mother of the Secret
    From Eucharistic Miracles to Marian Apparitions, Heaven has sought to Illuminate and Defend what was once the Church’s Greatest Secret Mother of the Secret positively demonstrates how heaven has unceasingly...

  • Call of the Ages
    $19.95 Call of the Ages
    The Apparitions of the Virgin Mary Foretell the Coming fall of Evil and an Era of Peace From great warnings and miracles to a coming chastisement and era of peace, the apparitions and messages of the Virgin Mary...

  • The Last Crusade
    $10.95 The Last Crusade
    Mankind has been on the brink of nuclear catastrophe on numerous occasions yet few realize how close we have actually come to widespread nuclear destruction. What has prevented disaster thus far? What will prevent it in the...

  • False Prophets of Today
    $7.00 False Prophets of Today
    Can Fear and Peace Co-exist in our Hearts? Visionaries, locutionists, mystics, psychics, seers, sages, New Age gurus, divine teachers and philosophers: self-proclaimed messengers seem to be everywhere, delivering revelations...

  • The Prophecy of Daniel
    $10.95 The Prophecy of Daniel
    How an Old Testament Prophecy Awaits its Fulfillment Today It is believed that Daniel foretold the rise of the Anti-Christ and how this evil ruler would come to commit ‘the horrible sacrilege’ and ‘abolish...

  • Glory to the Father
    $10.95 Glory to the Father
    A Look at the Mystical Life of Georgette Faniel Now living in Montreal, Canada, mystic and stigmatist Georgette Faniel is recognized worldwide by mystical theologians to be one of the most extraordinary victim souls in the...

  • The Face of the Father
    $10.95 The Face of the Father
    An Exclusive Interview with Barbara Rose Centilli Concerning Her Revelations and Visions of God Our Father While there have been many private revelations given over the centuries to illuminate our Faith in God, many believe...

  • St. Joseph & the Triumph of the Saints
    $10.00 St. Joseph & the Triumph of the Saints
    While St. Joseph was surpassed by many saints in achievements such as prophetic power, signs, and wonders, St. Joseph’s hidden life triumphs over all as the silent path to perfection. Learn how St. Joseph and many...

  • In God's Hands
    $14.95 In God's Hands
    The Miraculous Story of little Audrey Santo of Worcester, MA The tragic victim of a drowning accident at age three, little Audrey Santo now lives confined to her bed. She has been in a coma-like state known as Akinetic...

  • The Kingdom of Our Father
    $19.95 The Kingdom of Our Father
    Who is God the Father? Drawing upon a sound historical and theological approach, this book shines new light on the subject of our Heavenly Father. Enhanced through in-depth interviews with visionaries and mystics who have...

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