Electronic Version - Queen of Peace Newspaper: Special Edition X - Prophecy Edition

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Requires Free Acrobat Reader.For the first time in almost 9 years, an all new Queen of Peace newspaper is now available. Five years in the making, this historic “Tenth Edition” focuses on Prophets and Prophecies and how God sends to each generation His chosen ones with His chosen words for their welfare and salvation.With a world-wide economic crisis unfolding, along with a moral meltdown unlike none ever seen before, this publication explores in detail how the “Signs of the Times” reveal a great tribulation is now unfolding and will lead to a climactic moment in history. Read how thousands of apparitions, visions, prophecies and warnings from Heaven have been reported since the French Revolution concerning our prophetic times but have been tragically ignored and how after a tumultuous period of upheaval the world will finally enter Fatima’s prophesied “Era of Peace.” Great chastisements, miracles and the fulfillment of long foretold biblical prophecies are examined and discussed in this extraordinary work, which contains dozens of incredible photographs and pictures. This publication will stir your heart, mind and soul and promises to be a collector’s edition.The newspaper is 32 pages and can be ordered now for $5 including shipping. Available in print or electronic edition.Bulk Discounts available for print edition (does not include shipping).50 Copies for $100.00100 Copies for $175.00   200 Copies for $300.00   250 Copies for $350.00