The Fatima Prophecies

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At the Doorstep of the World Beginning approximately ten years before the French Revolution, Dr. Thomas Petrisko takes a look at the hundreds of apparitions and miracles that occurred in the nineteenth century all the way up until the apparitions at Fatima in 1917. Confronted is the rise of Communism and nuclear warfare in association with the two unfulfilled prophecies of Fatima: the annihilation of nations and era of peace. Written in a fast moving, popular style, this book also tells of the many contemporary prophecies and apparitions and how they point to the fulfillment of Fatima’s two remaining prophecies. Are these prophecies about to be fulfilled? Is the world about to enter the era of peace or will there be a terrible chastisement? With the release of the third secret of Fatima, the entire message of Fatima has taken on worldwide importance. Contains over 60 pictures!Thomas W. Petrisko • 1-891903-06-3 • Best-Seller