Ten Secrets: The Hidden Prophecies of Medjugorje and the Path to Peace

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Ten Secrets: The Hidden Prophecies of Medjugorje and the Path to Peace

In a stealthy, bucolic hamlet called Bijakovici, located in the Alps of the former Yugoslavia, the Virgin Mary appeared in 1981 to six children. Known throughout the world today as "Medjugorje," a prophetic appeal to mankind is heard, with the visionaries claiming the Madonna had come to help the world find peace before it was "too late."

More than sixty million people have trekked to Medjugorje over the past forty-two years, as healings, miracles and wondrous signs are said to be daily events there.

The apocalyptic thread in the message of Medjugorje, however, is eye-opening. As at Fatima, Portugal, where Mary appeared in 1917 and made stunning predictions of a coming new era, a sweeping transformation of the world is foretold to come. This will occur, the visionaries say, through the unfolding of ten "secret" prophecies that are to be revealed in advance, one by one.

Known as the "TEN SECRETS of MEDJUGORJE" the hidden revelations are said to hold both wondrous sights and trying calamities that will together transform the world forever. After the fulfillment of the Ten Secrets, humanity will have reportedly undergone a metamorphosis, moving from an era of conflict and rebellion to an age of peace and spirituality.

In Ten Secrets, best-selling author Dr. Thomas Petrisko-who served as a consultant to The Washington PostNewsweekThe Los Angeles TimesThe Oprah Winfrey ShowCBS News-48 HoursScripts-Howard Productions, The Joan Rivers ShowThe Today Show and numerous other media outlets-takes a profound look at this prophetic mystery, the visionaries who know the contents of the Secrets, and what all of this reportedly means for the future of the world.

Meticulously researched, Ten Secrets marshals' scholarly literature from hundreds of sources, the author's personal experiences with eminent theologians and Church officials, and exclusive interviews with key individuals involved in this drama, in order to present a ground-breaking investigation into a subject that may soon attract the eyes of the world.

From a highly detailed glimpse into the wondrous "Great Sign" foretold to miraculously appear in Medjugorje, to exclusive interviews with Jacov Colo, one of the visionaries, and Fr. Petar Ljubicic, the humble Franciscan priest who is to announce the Ten Secrets to the world, this book is a page-turner from beginning to end.

Ten Secrets is a prescient work. It is intelligent, thought provoking and illuminating. It raises profound questions about the world, its moral behavior, and the surreal reality that life on Earth is about to take- in the not too distant future- a surprising turn.

It is safe to say, if there ever was a "must read now" book, this is it.